The Last of Us Part II Has a Supernatural Easter Egg Featuring Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins

The Last of Us Part II has a few easter eggs scattered around its world, such as the one in the end credits for completing the Grounded and/or Permadeath modes. Another one was recently discovered by @cringelizard on Tiktok, and it continues the Supernatural theme. Both Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester) and Misha Collins (Castiel) make an appearance, although they would have fared better had they stayed in the television studio instead.

Players had previously found the first part of the Easter Egg, as shown in a Youtube video from Gotians Games. As players are nearing the Seattle Conference Center, Jesse and Ellie have a conversation about comic conventions. It appears both Jensen and Misha were appearing at a Comic Con at the time the apocalypse took hold and ended up trapped in the area. Inside the Conference Center is a body on a ledge surrounded by a machete, a health kit, and other useful items. There’s also a letter next to the body signed by Jensen. The letter reads:

To whatever sorry asshole finds me,

Can barely keep my hand steady, but everyone on base needs to know.

I got ambushed on my way to relieve Misha at the monorail lookout. One of the Scars, I’d swear he looks just like our boy Gray.

Fuck, I’m so lightheaded. Someone PLEASE put a bullet in that fucking snake’s face for me. And tell Mish I’m sorry.

I tried to hustle.

That first part was discovered last year, but what’s new is the discovery and connection of the second part of the Easter Egg. While Jensen’s body is seen in the Conference Center, Tiktok user @cringelizard set out on a mission to find Misha. Players steal a boat soon after the Conference Center and find themselves under a monorail system. In the very top monorail car is another body slumped against the wall with a couple of weapons. On the seat opposite is another letter, this time addressed to Misha:


Got word that you’re replacing me. Wanted to give you a few pointers about this nest:

  1. The scars are sneaky bastards. Don’t just watch the street – check the rooftops. They got their own sharpshooters.
  2. Keep the infected alive. When the scars cross, they have to deal with them. Once they reveal their positions, TAKE THEM OUT. Took out a pair of cultists and am now watching the infected devour their bodies. It’s fucking glorious.

And remember, don’t get cornered.

May your survival be long and your death be swift!


The Last of Us Part II continues to garner attention thanks to numerous awards it’s won over the past couple of months. The game won five Joysticks awards, numerous accolades at The Game Awards, seven PlayStation Blog Game of the Year awards, and even several of our very own Game of the Year awards. Meanwhile, Supernatural recently wrapped up its final season after an impressive run of 327 episodes, and it seems like a couple of the actors turned to an alternative source of income. Although neither of the bodies actually look like the actors, it’s fairly clear who they’re supposed to be. The identity of Beck remains a mystery though, but I’m sure another player will solve that mystery too.

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