Sci-Fi Action-Adventure Game Divide Hits PS4 on January 31, 2017

December 8, 2016Written by Jason Dunning

A character-driven sci-fi action-adventure game from Exploding Tuba Studios, Divide is coming to PlayStation 4 on January 31, 2017 in North America. A date for Europe wasn’t revealed.

In development for four years, Divide sees you playing as David, a father ripped away from his life and daughter. Stuck in a strange new world, you’ll have to search for clues to reveal the story, interact with characters, and fight enemies by either hacking or launching a direct assault.

Although Divide can be a stealth action game at times, studio founder Chris Tilton explains that David isn’t a highly trained agent, so they consider it more of a lonely sci-fi dungeon crawl:

For instance, gamers at PlayStation Experience often asked us if Divide is a stealth action game. Well, it can be. But David isn’t a commando. He’s a widowed father and professional turned homemaker. So, while Divide has combat, our hero starts out rather ill-equipped against seasoned para-military agents and armed security robots. The player may feel at home in action and combat or want to avoid it entirely. Regardless, David’s emotions don’t disable for combat and re-enable when it’s time to reflect on things as though it never happened.

So Divide is not a stealth action game. In fact, we consider it more of a lonely sci-fi dungeon crawl. Primarily, Divide is concerned with exploration, mystery, and uncertainty. David experiences the interactive aspect of the world through digital contact lenses that expose an augmented reality veneer over the environment. With this level of magical technology it was easy to imagine that dialog with companion characters could occur remotely on some sort of radio channel.

David does have a partner in Divide named Eris, but she refuses to wear the digital contact lenses, so he spends much of the game in isolation.

In terms of controls, you move with the left stick, aim with the right stick, and everything else – such as sprinting, shooting a sidearm, and interacting with the AR interface – is mapped to the shoulder buttons.

Asked about a PlayStation Vita version, Tilton said, “It would require significant work to get it to run well on Vita, but it’s not something we’ve ruled out in the future.”

[Source: PlayStation Blog, Exploding Tuba]