Best of 2016 Awards – Best PS Vita Game

In case anyone’s keeping count, yes, the PlayStation Vita had a few games released this year, and some of them were actually good. While Sony’s portable gaming machine might not be seeing the same kind of support as the PS4, it still has its fair share of gems.

Most of the nominees are JRPGs, which is what the system has in spades. Needless to say, if you’re an RPG fan, then you really ought to pick up a Vita. Check the gallery below to see the best Vita games of 2016! Just a disclaimer: the nominees and winners are based on scores and are picked by the staff (not just the highest review score).

What’s your top Vita games list and what’s your Game of the Year for the handheld? Share your thoughts in the comments. Our Best of 2016 awards will continue all throughout next week until December 23 when our Game of the Year will finally be revealed.

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