Batman: Return to Arkham Update 1.02 Adds Visual Improvements on PS4 Pro

Released on Friday, Batman: Return to Arkham update 1.02 for PlayStation 4 made some visual upgrades when playing on PS4 Pro, fixed some crashing issues, and improved the performance to offer a more consistent frame-rate.

“The PS4 Pro updates will provide increased visual fidelity for those playing the game on a PS4 Pro console,” WB Community Manager WBMike says.

WBMike also offered up these patch notes:

  • Performance/hitching issues have been improved for a more smooth and consistent frame-rate.
  • Intermittent crashing issues have been addressed to provide improved gameplay stability.

The community’s response to the patch has been mixed. One user on NeoGAF says Arkham Asylum’s frame-rate was improved on PS4 Pro, while a user on Reddit says Arkham City’s frame-rate took a hit on PS4 Pro, with a 30fps lock possibly added.

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Have you played Return to Arkham on PS4 Pro since downloading the patch? What do you think of the performance?

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