Free-to-Play MMO Trove Is Now in Open Beta on PS4 & Xbox One

Announced earlier this year for consoles, free-to-play MMO Trove has entered Open Beta on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It’s a 768MB download through the PlayStation Store (North America, Europe), and PlayStation Plus members will receive a 20% experience bonus during the beta.

The Trove development team went on the game’s official website to reveal that the full version is expected to launch “in the coming months.” If you play Trove during the Open Beta, don’t worry, as “progress made during the Beta test will be carried over when we go live.”

The developers add, “We have more work to do before we’re ready for prime time and we need your help! We have our own road map of what to improve between this Beta test and launch, and your feedback is vital to helping us stay on the right track.” You can give your feedback on the Trove forums, and the dev team promises to update players regularly with everything that’s going on prior to the full launch.

The Trove Beta includes 14 classes, thousands of player created items, legendary dragons, and everything else you see listed below:

  • Trove is loaded up with thousands of player created items such as hats, costumes, weapons, mounts, allies (pets), and dragons.
  • It’s an open Beta test so everyone is welcome to join us!
  • One of the things we’re working on is an improved control scheme and your feedback will help shape how the game is played.
  • Create Clubs (similar to guilds) with your friends and build wonders beyond imagination together. Club Worlds are open spaces for building that cannot be modified by visitors.
  • If you’re more of a fighter than a builder we’ve got you covered. Explore our vast adventure worlds to take down enemies in the open world or in our massive selection of dungeons.
  • Pick from 14 unique classes to suit your style – Play as foxy lancers, draconic mages, headless knights, and more!
  • For those of you who want to test your mettle against other players we have a multitude of Capture the Flag and Team Deathmatch arenas as well!
  • Trovians who choose to pitch in their support by spending any amount of money in the Trove Store during Beta will also receive a legendary dragon, Disaeon the Immortal, as our way of saying thank you!
  • Legendary dragons are extremely cool mounts that allow you to run at high speed and glide through the air even more quickly. They aren’t just cool for speeding up your adventures, but you can also use them to launch powerful ranged attacks from the sky.

The PlayStation Store page notes that the Beta is only available in English.

As mentioned above, you can buy credit and item packs for Trove, and they range from $4.99 USD to $99.99 USD.

[Source: Trion Worlds]