The King of Fighters XIV Demo Version 2 Out Now, Previews Update 1.10


It seems that the demo is no longer available via the North American store but you can grab an English version from the Malaysian store here.

Original story:

Last Thursday, SNK announced that it’ll be releasing a “special” demo for The King of Fighters XIV to give players a taste of update 1.10. Today, the developer has released Demo version 2 in Japan and North America. Here’s a description provided by the PlayStation Store:

In anticipation of the major ver. 1.10 update for “KOF XIV” whose release is planned for January 2017, a new “Demo ver. 2”, which will give to users a preview of the graphical improvements and 2 additional color variations for each character of the ver. 1.10 update, is now available to download and play! The playable cast has also been updated in order to provide a new experience to every player!

Demo ver.2 breakdown:

■Playable characters:

1) Kyo Kusanagi 2) Iori Yagami 3) Shun’ei 4) King of Dinosaurs

5) Terry Bogard 6) Leona Heidern 7) Yuri Sakazaki

■Game modes:

Training Mode / VS Mode / Tutorial Mode

Because this is a trial version, we do not guarantee all functionality in this trial version.

Any of our readers planning to try it out?