Project Re Fantasy

Nier Creator Taro Yoko Has a Message for Atlus’ Project Re Fantasy

Atlus made waves last week by announcing a new studio called Studio Zero that is headed by Persona 5 and Catherine director Katsura Hasino. His first role at the new studio will be directing a fantasy RPG, currently called Project Re Fantasy. More information on the game, including a concept trailer, can be found here.

Several major Japanese designers congratulated Atlus on the formation of Studio Zero over at their YouTube channel. These video messages included ones from Danganronpa director Kazutaka Kodaka and Nihon Falcom president Toshihiro Kondo. The video that garnered the most attention though was from Nier and Drakengard‘s eccentric director Taro Yoko. Taro, who is known for wearing masks to conceal his identity, left a rather hilarious message.

Now his video can be enjoyed by English speaking viewers, as Youtube user dominationkid w. has uploaded a subtitled version. In the video, Taro pleads with Atlus to reconsider making a fantasy role-playing game. He’s worried that Project Re Fantasy would be a major competitor to his own upcoming game, Nier: Automata. Since Atlus is continuing to make Persona games as well, Nier can’t switch to a modern high school setting either, and effectively has no audience. It’s a rather tongue-in-cheek video, and Taro’s sense of humor really shines in it, so check out the video message which we’ve embedded at the top of the post.

Let us know if you enjoyed Yaro Yoko’s message, and which upcoming role-playing game you are looking most forward to!

(Source: dominationkid w via Dualshockers)