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NieR Automata’s ‘Final’ Secret Has Been Discovered and It’s a Cheat Code

Known modder Lance McDonald has uncovered NieR Automata‘s “final” secret nearly four years after the game’s release. It’s a cheat code that allows players to get to the last ending after killing the first boss, and unlock bonus modes.

Two years ago, director Yoko Taro had hinted that a secret within NieR Automata had yet to be discovered. McDonald spent “hundreds” of hours reverse engineering the game to figure it out. “So I found the often alluded to ‘final secret’ in NieR Automata; a cheat code that can only be entered while standing in one particular place, at one specific moment in the game, which unlocks Chapter Select, Debug Mode, the Debug Room, and the Trophy Shop, as well as a few other items, saving the player from having to do three playthroughs of the game to unlock these,” McDonald explained. “A ton of work went into this so I hope you think it’s cool too!”

If you haven’t played NieR Automata yet, the video below may spoil it for you so watch at your own risk.

The official NieR Twitter account congratulated McDonald, and Taro separately confirmed that this discovery is indeed the final secret that he previously mentioned.

A critical and commercial success, NieR Automata has sold over five million copies since its release in 2017.

Any of our readers planning to try out the cheat code?