PSVR Price

Analyst Firm Predicts PSVR Sales Will Surpass 1 Million This Quarter

In a press release sent by analyst company SuperData Research, it talks about the sales and what the news has been for VR at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) this year.

According to Stephanie Llamas, VP of Research and Strategy, Head of VR/AR for SuperData, Sony has yet to divulge any specific PlayStation VR sales data other than “many hundreds of thousands” statement from last year. However, SuperData predicts PSVR sales will break the million mark this quarter due to the high sales of the PS4 Pro and the console’s user base.

What’s missing: PSVR sales figures

Ever since Sony announced on their October earnings call that PSVR sales were in the “many hundreds of thousands” there’s been radio silence on how the headset is doing. There’s no doubt consumer demand is there, but in an effort to come in under Oculus and Vive’s $600 and $800 price tags, PSVR announced a $400 headset sans essential supporting hardware. Bundles, which included the headset, move controllers and camera, sold out early and have no since been restocked, suggesting Sony’s initial launch was a test drive to gauge demand while they further develop content. PSVR sales will likely break 1M units this quarter given the PS4’s more than 50M installs and the recent success of the Pro.

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