SMITE Tactics Is Coming to Consoles

PlayStation LifeStyle can confirm that Hi-Rez Studios’ SMITE Tactics, which entered closed-beta on PC earlier this week, is coming to consoles. The news comes from the game’s Lead Designer Scott Lussier, who sat down with us to discuss the turn-based strategy game at length. It also shouldn’t be too much of a surprise as Hi-Rez Studios have supported consoles with their MOBA SMITE and first-person shooter Paladins.

“For me personally, the main attraction of this game is actually getting turn-based games back on consoles,” revealed the title’s Lead Designer Scott Lussier. “You have Disgaea, you have Final Fantasy Tactics. We had all these games growing up, but when I look at my nephew who is going on 5, and when I look at all the free games that are out there. He doesn’t really have any turn-based strategy games that he can play. There’s a part of me that’s like ‘Man, I really want to give the turn-based strategy game feel on a console.’ So my biggest goal is to get this game on console. Maybe we can do it this year, maybe we can’t, but for me that’s the goal. I’m a console guy through and through and I think playing this game on a big TV will be sweet.”

Lussier also revealed that he’d like to see SMITE Tactics release on consoles this September, but made sure to point out that the date was only an internal goal for himself and wasn’t giving a date. The strategy game is currently in closed-beta on PC (you can sign up on the game’s website), and was developed with controller support. Players can also purchase a Founder’s Pack for $20 (currently $15 this weekend) to guarantee access and gain 15 card packs, several legendary characters such as Poseidon, and exclusive skins for SMITE.

We’ll have more on SMITE Tactics, and other games being shown at the Hi-Rez Expo, as we’re covering the show all weekend. Our full interview with Scott Lussier will go up soon.