Night in the Woods Now Releases on February 21 for PS4 & PC

Previously scheduled for January 10, adventure game Night in the Woods is now releasing on February 21 for PlayStation 4 and PC, developer Infinite Fall announced today.

On Twitter, Infinite Fall talked about some of the challenges of making a game with a small team:

Realtalk: we’re not a big company. The core team is 3 people working out of our small apartments. I’m one of them. Hello.

We’ve only been in the same room irl like 4 or 5 times for a few days over the past 3 years. No offices, no payroll. US and Canada. People have a tendency to see all games as coming from companies with big PR teams and producers and fancy workplaces and so forth.

Even our amazing publisher @FinjiCo is a literal mom and pop operation run (very ably) out of their house in Michigan. Additional animation is done by my friend @charleshuettner. Shirts are printed by my friend @cwpress. Alec’s friend @bitmOO has been our tireless lead tester.

So bringing a game like this in with this small and scattered a team? Kind of a miracle. Thanks for being into it. Thanks for supporting.

By pre-ordering Night in the Woods through the PlayStation Store in North America (it isn’t up on the European Store), you’ll receive a free theme. PlayStation Plus members also save 10% off the regular $19.99 USD price.

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