Final Fantasy XV Booster Pack, Episode Gladiolus DLC Given Release Dates

On February 21, Square Enix will release the Booster Pack (Free Version) and Booster Pack+ for all Final Fantasy XV players and all Season Pass owners, respectively. They didn’t detail the differences between the free and paid packs, and only said, “The DLC content will include powerful items such as the invincible outfit, Magitek Exosuit, that give players an advantage during battles” by making you invincible for 30 minutes per day.

Then, on March 28, they’ll release Episode Gladiolus, the first of three post-launch episodes for Final Fantasy XV (standalone price TBA). In Episode Gladiolus, you’ll experience a story from Gladio’s perspective, complete with action different from Noctis. Gilgamesh will also be making an appearance in the DLC.

“Gladio, one of three faithful comrades who accompany Noctis on his journey is finally playable,” the Season Pass website says. “The royal bodyguard takes on fearsome trials to strengthen his mind and body to become a greater man. Play as Gladio to reach a higher level.”

The next episode, Episode Prompto, is scheduled for June 2017.

Release dates for Episode Ignis and Multiplayer Expansion: Comrades weren’t given today.

[Source: Final Fantasy XV, Gematsu, Final Fantasy]