For Honor Season Pass & Free Post-Launch DLC Detailed

Confirmed by Ubisoft today, the For Honor Season Pass includes six all-new Heroes, seven days early access to those Heroes, six elite outfits to customize the new Heroes, one exclusive sunbeam effect on emotes for all Heroes, three exclusive emblem outlines, three scavenger crates to unlock additional gear, and 30-day Champion Status, which grants you more XP and loot.

All of the Season Pass content, except for the six Heroes and their elite outfits, will be available at launch on February 14. “The new Heroes will be progressively released by batches of two at the beginning of a new Season of the Faction War – the persistent cross-platform metagame that will evolve the war across the world of For Honor,” Ubisoft adds.

If you don’t want to buy the Season Pass, the post-launch Heroes can be unlocked with Steel, For Honor’s in-game currency earned by completing matches and in-game challenges.

As previously announced, all future For Honor maps and modes will be released for free to all players:

Additional free content will also be released across three Seasons following launch. This post-launch content, including new maps, modes, and gear, will be available for free to all players. Season Pass holders will receive early access to some elements of this post-launch content.

According to the above trailer, there will be six new post-launch maps (two released per season). It also confirms that Tournament and Ranked Play are in development.

If you want to try For Honor before February 14, the Open Beta will run from February 9 to 12 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The beta will include four of the five multiplayer modes (Elimination, Dominion, Brawl, and Duel) and nine of the twelve Heroes.

You can read our preview from the recent Closed Beta over here.

Expect the Season Pass to cost either $30 or $40.

[Source: Ubi Blog]