Platform Puzzle Game “Flywrench” Launches on PS4 on February 14

Flywrench, a game from the creators of Nidhogg, was one of the best reviewed “challenging” games of 2015 and it is finally coming out on the PlayStation 4 next week.

According Kristy Norindr, co-founder of Flywrench developer Messhof, the game is a “tough-as-nails, masorcore-ish game that’s somewhere between a platformer and a physics puzzle.” You play as a white line that can flap, bounce, and do barrel rolls.

Flapping or spinning changes the line’s color and you must get through obstacles either by avoiding or phasing through them (which can be done by either flapping or barrel rolling depending on the color of the obstacle).

There are currently 199 levels in Flywrench so there’s definitely not going to be a shortage of challenges. There’s also a Time Trial mode with a global ranking system and, exclusively on the PS4, an “Asteroid” level pack.

Flywrench originally came out on Steam back in 2015 and will be available on the PlayStation Store on February 14 for $6.99.

[Source: PlayStation Blog (US)]