Vikings: Wolves of Midgard Releases on March 28 for PS4

A combat-focused action RPG from Games Farm, Vikings: Wolves of Midgard is releasing on March 24 in Europe and March 28 in North America for PlayStation 4, the developer announced today. Though they weren’t mentioned in the announcement, expect the Xbox One and PC versions to launch at the same time.

Playing as a fully customizable Viking warrior or shieldmaiden who returns from hunting to find their village under attack from the Jotun, Vikings sees you rebuilding your home while fighting against the forces of evil. You’ll do this by collecting runes and using a variety of combat styles, including sword and shield, two-handed hammer, staff, bow, and dual axes.

Peter Nagy, Head of Development at Gamesfarm, said:

Arguably the most important ability in every player’s arsenal is Rage mode, where you descend into a bloodthirsty rampage, enhancing many of your stats and abilities and granting several other bonuses. Just like your other abilities and weapons, Rage can also be upgraded for added effects, like ignoring enemy defenses, rendering you immune to environmental hazards, or increasing the rate of critical hits.

Enemies of all shapes and sizes are tough enough, but the boss encounters will force you to think tactically, with quick reflexes and perfect management of your abilities required to win. Even the environment is against you — freezing cold, poisonous fog, and scorching heat are just some of the hazards that can cause damage, slow your movements, and other detrimental effects. We call this the Exposure system, and to combat it you’ll need to find safe zones to balance out your vitals — such as campfires when exploring colder climes.

Vikings: Wolves of Midgard also includes two-player online co-op, a New Game+ mode, and The Trials of the Gods, which is a wave-based mode where you fight against monsters and bosses to earn rewards like new equipment and runes.

A price wasn’t given for Vikings today, but the digital PC version is listed at $39.99 USD on Steam. On GameStop’s website, a physical edition for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is listed at $59.99 USD, and it comes with a digital soundtrack and artbook.

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