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Portal, Half-Life Writer Erik Wolpaw Has Left Valve

Erik Wolpaw, who is known for his work on Portal and Half-Life games among other titles, has left Valve. The news first came to light when he updated his Facebook info, and was also confirmed by Marc Laidlaw (who left Valve early last year) in a tweet.

“Wolpaw left Valve so I can now insult him freely without damaging the company’s reputation. He’s a comic genius and a true original,” wrote Laidlaw.

Some confusion was caused when Wolpaw later tagged Portal co-writer Jay Pinkerton in a Facebook post announcing his departure whereby some believed Pinkerton had resigned as well. However, he clarified that this was not the case.

“Last day at Valve!” announced Wolpaw. “People marching their crap out of their office in a box is central theme of 90% of what Pinkerton and I write, and now I’m finally doing it for real,” he added.

He will continue to collaborate with Double Fine on Psychonauts 2.

[Source: Erik Wolpaw (Facebook) via Tyler McVicker, Marc Laidlaw, ValveTime (Twitter)]