Lightfield Brings Hyperfuturistic Racing to PS4 & Xbox One This Spring

Four-person indie studio Lost in the Garden announced today that Lightfield, their hyperfuturistic racer, is coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2017. Development is nearly complete and they’re aiming for a spring 2017 launch.

Described as a “crossover between classical arcade racing and free flying,” Lightfield doesn’t have any pre-defined roads, invisible walls, or guide rails. Instead, you can attach your ship to any surface and find your own way through each track.

Lightfield includes seven tracks, four environments, local split-screen multiplayer for up to four players, online multiplayer and leaderboards, and three game modes (Race, Time Trial, Exploration).

Here’s the description:

Lightfield is a hyperfuturistic omnidirectional racing game. It is a crossover between classical arcade racing and free flying. You can fly around the tracks freely, but ‘snapping’ to any nearby surface spins the ship around and gives you an extra speed boost. The tracks are progressively more winding and complex, continually challenging you to find and perfect your lines for both speed and style. The game is further defined by its abstract art style and level architecture. It draws inspirations from contemporary graphic design and classic sci-fi and it is complemented by the driving electronic music and the sound design by Viennese musician Zanshin.

Asked about a possible PlayStation VR version, studio co-founder Simon Wallner said, “Oh, we’d love to bring it to VR, but from very early tests I can tell you that it would be quite an exciting ride. With this fast-paced gameplay and the ship and the world constantly jumping, moving, and spinning it might not be a game for those that get cyber-sick easily.”

[Source: PlayStation Blog, Lightfield]