Horizon Zero Dawn: Guerrilla Confirms the Term “Zero Dawn” Is Story-Related

While you won’t see us post anything spoiling Horizon Zero Dawn’s story, we do know now that the term “Zero Dawn” is indeed tied into the game’s tale.

In an interview set to hit the site soon, PlayStation LifeStyle managed to have a sit down interview with Horizon Zero Dawn Lead Concept Artist Roland Ijzermans regarding the game’s development, graphics and more. One of the things we asked Ijzermans is whether the term Zero Dawn is directly tied to the open world game’s story, and Ijzermans, without spoiling anything, confirmed it.

PlayStation LifeStyle: Is the term Zero Dawn story-related?

Roland Ijzermans: Very much so. It will get a lot of meaning. For the one that play the game or once you know the story. That will fall into place.

Stay tuned to our full interview set to hit the site very soon. In the meantime, make sure you read our Horizon Zero Dawn review and why you absolutely need to play it.