Final Fantasy XV Was Series’ “Last Chance,” Had Low Sales Target

It looks like Final Fantasy XV could’ve been the last new game we would’ve played from the series, as director Hajime Tabata released a few details on the game’s development at a panel during this week’s annual Game Developers Conference.

Tabata revealed at the panel that the game was projected to sell less than five million units, and if the game had sold less than six million, then it might have been the last game in the series. According to Tabata, Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi said Final Fantasy XV would be their “last chance.”

To date, Final Fantasy XV has easily sold over six million copies, surpassing both its sales projections as well as the six million goal that Tabata set for himself and his team. Tabata said that the purpose of adding one million units to the forecast was to force and inspire people to work harder.

With Final Fantasy XV being the franchise’s most successful launch, it looks like we’ll be seeing more installments into the franchise as usual.

[Source: The Verge, Twitter via NeoGAF]