US PlayStation Store to Begin Charging Sales Tax in More States on April 1, 2017

In an email sent to PlayStation Network users, Sony has revealed that they’ll be charging sales tax on purchases made through the US PlayStation Store in more states beginning on April 1, 2017. According to NeoGAF users, some of the affected states include Alabama, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Jersey, Ohio, Texas, Utah, and Washington.

Here’s what the email says:

Hello valued PlayStation customer,

We are writing to inform you that PlayStation Store, including all services such as PlayStation Vue, PlayStation Plus, PlayStation Now, and PlayStation Music, will start collecting tax in your state starting April 1, 2017. The sales tax charged on each order is determined by your state, county and city tax rates.

On the PlayStation Support site, Sony explains why they’re charging sales tax on PlayStation Store purchases:

In certain areas, state and local laws require PlayStation Store to collect applicable sales taxes. In order to comply with these laws, PlayStation Store began collecting sales tax on its products/services in certain states in April 2016.

Answering the question of whether or not purchases from all states are taxable, Sony says, “PlayStation Store collects sales taxes on its products/services in certain states as required by local laws.”

Accurate as of July 2016, this image from TaxJar should give you an idea of which states may be subject to sales tax on digital purchases.

It doesn’t appear as if users in Canada are receiving the email.

Did you receive an email about the sales tax?

[Source: PlayStation Support, NeoGAF]