Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Will Include Access to Uncharted 4’s Multiplayer

Continuing their month-long coverage, Game Informer has revealed that the antagonist in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is Asav, an insurgent rebel leader who previously worked for the government and is now searching for culturally significant treasures. The reason Chloe Frazier hires Nadine Ross is because of her history with Asav.

Creative Director Shaun Escayg says, “[Asav] has history with the government, he feels left out in solving the conflicts the government solved at one point and he’s now a lone rebel trying to create war and profit from it.”

In addition to rope swinging and puzzle-solving, The Lost Legacy will include more stealth options (you can equip a silent pistol) and a lock-picking mini-game (shown in the trailer), and Nadine can mark enemies for you and help you out in combat. While in the jeep, it’s possible to drive past enemies and avoid conflict.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is longer than The Last of Us: Left Behind, but shorter than Uncharted 4. Set in the Western Ghats, a rural mountain range in India they travel through by jeep, The Lost Legacy includes the biggest level in the entire franchise.

Uncharted 4 Spoilers Ahead

In the cover story for Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, it’s revealed that Naughty Dog considered a Sam and Sully story as well as a Cassie story for the DLC. Sully was shot down because of his age and his time in the Navy, while Cassie didn’t happen because of her age and the fact that Naughty Dog didn’t want to have someone so young in combat.

The Game Informer issues also reveals that The Lost Legacy will include access to the multiplayer and Survival modes in Uncharted 4, there might be cameos from other characters in the standalone story chapter, and The Lost Legacy takes place six months after Uncharted 4.

Although Naughty Dog said it’s unlikely they do another Uncharted game after The Lost Legacy, Escayg did mention that “there’s lots to say in the Uncharted world. There’s a lot of different characters that we could pursue, that we explored, and maybe explore in the future. Who knows. It’s an open canvas.”

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy releases later this year for PlayStation 4 through retail stores and the PlayStation Store.

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