The Walking Dead: A New Frontier Episode 3 Out March 28


Here’s a teaser courtesy of YouTube user MKIceAndFire:

Original story:

At PAX East 2017, Telltale Games announced that The Walking Dead: A New Frontier Episode 3, Above the Law, will be out on Tuesday, March 28. At its panel, the developer showed off a clip from the episode that hinted at what’s coming, however, since it was exclusive to PAX attendees, we’ll be able to share the video when it becomes available on YouTube.

Here’s a Synopsis for A New Frontier:

After society was ripped apart by undead hands, pockets of civilization emerge from the chaos. But at what cost? Can the living be trusted on this new frontier?

As Javier, a young man determined to find the family taken from him, you meet a young girl who has experienced her own unimaginable loss. Her name is Clementine, and your fates are bound together in a story where every choice you make could be your last.

We’ll update our readers when we have more details.

[Source: IGN]