Elgato Gaming Teases “#Evolve,” Announcement Coming Tomorrow

Responsible for empowering gamers with the means to capture and share gameplay footage with the world, Elgato Gaming will reveal their new project tomorrow. Teased on Twitter, the latest tech from the company promises to “evolve” how gamers enjoy video game content. The words “Tomorrow, we #Evolve.” were posted alongside an obscure .gif showing interconnecting lines creating a network of round-edged squares.

Elgato has done well to keep the details of Evolve a secret; impressive considering the number of YouTube and Twitch streamers who were granted early access. Below you can check out a few popular personalities’ impressions of the device, app, or whatever the hell it is!

These snippets don’t give much away, do they? I guess all we can do now is sit and patiently wait for the big announcement.

Are you excited to see what’s next from Elgato? Hoping for a new capture card to be revealed? Or are you yearning for something different? Let us know!

[Source: Twitter]