No Man’s Sky Update 1.24 Is 3.9GB on PS4, Enables Light Shafts & Improves Frame-Rate

Reportedly 3.93GB on PlayStation 4, and 1.4GB on PC, No Man’s Sky update 1.24 today fixes “a few remaining issue/bugs” that players have reported since the release of the Path Finder Update earlier this month.

As the patch notes show, Hello Games has enabled light shafts on PS4, improved the frame-rate when playing with an unlocked frame-rate, and fixed some issues:

  • Fixed an issue that caused player’s bases not to appear
  • Optimized light shafts, allowing us to enable them on PS4
  • Fixed a game freeze/lock up that could occur when in space
  • Improved frame-rate when playing with unlocked frame-rate, or v-sync disabled
  • Fixed some issues with Steam controller prompts
  • Various minor performance optimizations
  • Fixed some rare crashes & freezes

Back on March 17, Hello Games brought out an update that allows you to lock the frame-rate on PS4 to 30fps. You can learn more about the performance improvements included in that update by watching this video from Digital Foundry:

If you’re still having issues with No Man’s Sky, Hello Games says to report them over here.

[Source: No Man’s Sky, Reddit]