The Wait for Walking Dead: A New Frontier’s Upcoming Episodes Will Be “Much Shorter,” Says Telltale

During a recent Ask Me Anything session over on Reddit, Telltale Games’ Job J. Stauffer reassured fans that they won’t have to wait too much for The Walking Dead: A New Frontier‘s upcoming episodes. To be more specific, he said that the wait for Episodes 4 and 5 will be “much shorter” than that for Episode 3 and that the developer’s aim is get the next one out in April.

We’re finishing up the episode now, and are super close to submitting. Our goal is to have you playing Episode 4 in April, and ideally, playing Episode 5 sometime in May. These aren’t official dates just yet, but you can rest assured that the wait for 4 and 5 will be much shorter than the wait for ep 3.

Elsewhere in the AMA, Telltale detailed how its developers plan the episodes ahead of time while noting that the episodic format gives them the advantage of figuring out what’s clicking (or not clicking) with players. As a result, they can tailor the experience.

In response to a fan who asked if there were any concepts that didn’t make it to the final game, Creative Director Alyssa Finley said (warning: possible spoilers):

From Episode 1, there was a scene of a certain character getting trapped behind a jammed turnstile with a passel of walkers, and the player could choose to either give him mercy from that situation, or not. Ultimately, I think that character’s fate has been much more interesting in the version we shipped, and I’m glad he lived another day.

You can check out the full AMA below but beware of spoilers.

[Source: Reddit]