PlayStation VR “Brand New Experiences” Trailer Released, Teases New Content

Sony has published a “Brand New Experiences” trailer for its PlayStation VR teasing just some of the new content coming to the company’s virtual reality platform although most of the content the video teases isn’t video game-related and are more visual and entertainment experiences featuring both virtual 3D worlds and real-life footage.

Some of these include, traveling to Mars, climbing Everest, exploring the ocean, going on a wildlife safari, and watching an orchestra, among others. A few of the experiences in the trailer are already available for download, such as Littlestar VR Cinema, Invasion, Kismet, Apollo 11 VR, and The Martian, while others are still upcoming.

The PlayStation VR has been quite a success for Sony, selling over 900,000 units since the headset launched in October 2016.

[Source: PlayStation EU (YouTube)]