Atlus Releases Persona 5 Launch Trailer, Warning to Streamers

Now that Persona 5 is available for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3, Atlus has released the launch trailer, and issued a warning to those who wish to stream the game or post videos.

“Simply put, we don’t want the experience to be spoiled for people who haven’t played the game,” they wrote in a blog post. “Our fans have waited years for the game to come out and we really want to make sure they can experience it fully as a totally new adventure.”

Persona 5 blocks the PS4’s Share features for this reason, but if you still want to post footage, Atlus says to limit video content through 7/7, limit each video to no more than 90 minutes, and avoid major story spoilers. Here’s their example:

Please, PLEASE do not post any specific plot points or story spoilers, and only talk about the game in broad strokes. (Good example: “The game deals with dark themes right off the bat, with a lecherous teacher and other corrupted individuals.” Bad example: “Players immediately run into trouble with the pervy teacher *spoiler*, whose actions go so far as to cause *spoiler*.”)

You’re more than welcome to talk/show Confidants, the new combat, the Velvet Room, the dungeons, etc. Just please keep in mind that as a singular story playthrough, viewers are *highly* wary of spoilers!

If you decide to stream past 7/7, Atlus says “you do so at the risk of being issued a content ID claim or worse, a channel strike/account suspension.”

Atlus goes on to note that Persona 5 “is a super special case for us and we’re in ongoing discussion about how our policies may evolve in the future.”

The first wave of Persona 5 DLC is now live on the PlayStation Store, and it includes the free Japanese Audio Track, free Merciless Difficulty, and paid themes. More DLC will be released in the coming weeks.

[Source: Atlus]