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Persona PS4 themes

Grab These Gorgeous Persona Dynamic Themes for Free Through PlayStation Plus

Now your PS4 can be as groovy as you are!

Persona 5 R

Persona 5 R Will Be Revealed in March 2019

Somewhat unexpected.

atlus persona

Atlus Working on an ‘Entirely New RPG’ Alongside Making ‘Various Preparations’ for Persona in 2019

Recent domain registrations might be hinting at something.

New Persona 5

Speculation Continues as Atlus Registers More Persona 5 Domains

The plot thickens.

Persona 5 Update

Persona 5 R Domain Update Could Mean an Update Is Coming

What could it be?

The PlayStation Classics: Persona 2 Eternal Punishment PSOne Classic

Persona-lly, I think Maya is the coolest.

Persona 5 joker Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Yes, a PlayStation Exclusive Game Just Got a Character Announced For Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Today in “news you didn’t expect to read.”

persona dancing dlc

Here’s What to Expect for Persona 3 and 5 Dancing’s DLC

Once you buy the games, here’s all the extra stuff you can buy.

Persona Dancing Endless Night Collection review

Persona Dancing: Endless Night Collection Review – Smooth As Velvet (PS4)

Does the beat match the beauty of these dancing games?

persona dancing demos

Get Your Dancing Shoes Ready for the Persona Dancing Demos

Turn your PS4 into a boogie wonderland.

catherine full body joker

Here’s Your First Look at Persona 5’s Joker in Catherine: Full Body

This isn’t the Velvet Room.

Persona 5 Milady Cosplay 5

A Beautiful Betrayal: The Crazy Work Behind Cosplaying Persona 5’s Milady

More than 300 hours of work went into this cosplay.

Persona Dancing Trailers

Watch the Cast Get Down in These Persona 3 and 5 Dance Trailers

Morgana dancing, what’s not to love?

persona 5 sales

Persona Series Has Sold 9.3 Million Copies Worldwide, Yakuza Series Has Sold 11 Million

Persona 5 and Yakuza 6 were global hits.

persona dancing character DLC

Goro and Shinjiro Are Your Persona Dancing Preorder Bonuses

Seriously, seeing Shinjiro involved in all this just feels wrong.

Persona 3 and Persona 5 Endless Night Collection

Enticing Remixes Await in the Latest Persona Dancing: Endless Night Collection Trailer

Dance along with this trailer!

persona 5 lingo

Persona 5 and Its Lingo Has Rubbed off on My Friends

“Looking cool, Joker!”

persona dancing collection

Dance ‘Til You Drop in the Persona Dancing: Endless Night Collection

Where anime and dance intersect.

persona series projects

Producer Kazuhisa Wada Teases More Persona Games and Collaboration Projects

Igor would be so thrilled that he has more screen time.