Persona 5 Tactica

Persona 5 Tactica New Game+ & Rewards Detailed

Atlus has revealed further details about Persona 5 Tactica that shed light on the upcoming title’s New Game+ mode, quests, and more.

In a new press release, the company went into detail about how quests will work in the game, noting that:

“As you progress through the main story,​ you will unlock quests that involve stages with unique mechanics and challenges!​ Each quest has its own unique story for you to enjoy!​ In addition, clearing quests will give you GP to use in a character’s skill tree!​ You can wipe out all enemies in a single turn, ​hit a box with melee attacks to move it to the goal,​ or fight in a stage filled with explosives! A wide variety of unique stages awaits you!”

The rewards for quests will include GP, powerful skills, and the ability to create powerful Personas. Stages can be replayed to earn the same stage rewards again, making it easier to power up your characters. Further rewards can be earned by fulfilling bonus challenges that grant awards, though they require the fulfillment of specific conditions.

In regards to New Game+, the release stats:

“After clearing the game, you can start again with New Game+, which carries over data like your Persona Compendium, unlocked fusions, money, weapons, and more!​ Use New Game+ to complete the Persona Compendium or replay on a higher difficulty!​ Once you clear the game and start a New Game+,​ you will unlock Special Art as a bonus in the Report menu! Uncover a treasure trove of illustrations, concept art, character designs, and more!​ Your work isn’t finished until you’ve seen these astounding works!”

What is Persona 5 Tactica about?

“After a strange incident, the Phantom Thieves wander into a bizarre realm where its citizens are living under tyrannical oppression,” reads the game‘s story synopsis. “Surrounded by a military group named Legionnaires, they find themselves in grave danger until a mysterious revolutionary named Erina rescues them and offers an enticing deal in exchange for their help. What truth lies behind Erina and the deal she offers to the Phantom Thieves? Persona 5 Tactica features an all-new story, the return of fan-favorite characters, and brand-new allies and foes. Join the group as they lead an emotional revolution in this thrilling combat adventure!”

Persona 5 Tactica will be coming to PS4PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC and Nintendo Switch on November 17, 2023.