Devolver Digital Announces Streaming Guidelines in Response to Persona 5 Guidelines

Game publisher Devolver Digital, known for publishing games like the Serious Sam franchise and the duo of Hotline Miami games, among many others, has issued a short statement on their Twitter account regarding their streaming guidelines for games published under their brand.

According to Devolver Digital, their guidelines for streaming games published by them are quite simple – spoil the game as much as you want, you have to smile, and, in the event you fail in the game, you have to “verbally blame your poor skills” instead of the game.

The guidelines aren’t meant to be taken too seriously as they basically mean that there aren’t any real guidelines to streaming any of Devolver Digital’s games and streamers are free to stream as much of the games as they want.

Their statement is in response to the recent fiasco over the streaming guidelines set by Atlus for their just-released and much awaited game Persona 5, which was met with considerable backlash for what many see as being overly restrictive and backwards.

According to Atlus, those who stream Persona 5 on their channels are restricted to only streaming until the in-game date of 7/7 and streaming the game beyond that puts streamers “at the risk of being issued a content ID claim or worse, a channel strike/account suspension.”

[Source: Devolver Digital (Twitter), Atlus]