New EVE: Valkyrie Update Announced, Adds New Map and Improved Co-Op

CCP Games, creator of the massive EVE franchise, has just announced the latest update for its first VR game EVE: Valkyrie. The update, called Groundrush, adds a bunch of new content to the game that players can download and access for free.

The biggest addition coming with Groundrush is a new map called Solitude. The new map is the game’s first combat zone located on a planet’s surface, a stark contrast to its usual open space battlefields, where players can fly through valleys, ridges, and even inside buildings and installations.

The update also brings in the game’s latest round of weekend wormholes, which introduces new challenges and locations for players to encounter, as well as enhances the game’s co-op experience by opening access to both Control and Carrier Assault game modes.

Other additions or changes coming with the update include the introduction of avatar animations, English subtitles, changes to Valkyrie League Alpha, improvements to the game’s Training modules, multiplayer playlist tweaks, and the usual bug and stability fixes.

The Groundrush update for EVE: Valkyrie will be released for free next week on April 11, 2017.

[Source: PlayStation Blog (US)]