Next Drawn to Death Update Will Add More Blood Rewards, Improve Matchmaking

Update (1:20pm PT): In the above video, it’s revealed that the new map, Inferno, will go live on Tuesday.

The servers are also back online.

Original Story: Possibly going live today (the servers went down for maintenance at 10am PT and “should be back today”), the next Drawn to Death update will offer more blood rewards, improve matchmaking, and fix bugs.

David Jaffe explained some of the changes on Twitter:

Hey – we’ll shoot a video update of the goodies coming in the update BUT for now, the big changes are MORE BLOOD rewards to fill keys faster. Those were NEVER meant to be micro-transactions; we just set the blood numbers wrong. Apologies!

Our goal is keys to fill up fast enough that you can get new stuff at the same pace of a game like – for example – Mario Kart 8. The keys should be grinds but fun grinds like a normal shooter unlock speed. Sorry for the mess up. Let us know if this new tuning gets us in the ball park.

Another major change is less TDM (and thus faster matchmaking). It’s a long story WHY TDM = longer MM but I’ll explain in video. More goodies as well, bug fixes, improvements, etc. Details in video – but that’s a first look at the changes. Hope2Bback soon – let you know as soon as we are!

Answering some questions on Twitter, Jaffe revealed that a new map is coming next week. He also discussed Alan, saying, “He’s been too OP and now – at least for you – a bit on the weak side. We’re keeping an eye on the issue and if it turns out there’s a consistent feel he needs a bit more power/faster heal/etc., we will totally do it.”

Drawn to Death launched on April 4 for PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Plus members can grab it for free all month long.

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