Total War: Arena Could Come to Consoles Eventually

Total War: Arena is the latest game in the popular long-running strategy game franchise on PC and it looks like this new spin-off could also come to consoles eventually, according to one of the producers from Wargaming who’s publishing Total War: Arena.

On the topic of bringing the game to consoles, Wargaming producer Jose Edgardo Garcia had this to say:

Right now, we want Creative Assembly to focus on what they have–which is a PC game. Now, the thing is, Total War: Arena will be under the Wargaming universe in our portfolio. That means they will follow the rules that our other games have.

Wargaming’s most popular title, World of Tanks, was initially released on PC but eventually made its way to the PlayStation 4 and other consoles. Garcia could be suggesting that if Total War: Arena, which is also a free-to-play online multiplayer game, proves to be successful they’d consider bringing to consoles in the same way as World of Tanks.

The last Total War game that was released on consoles was the 2005 hack and slash spin-off Spartan: Total Warrior which was released on the PlayStation 2.

[Source: GameSpot]