World of Tanks Adds New Solo Campaign Operation Sealion, Details Kennedy’s War

Fans of World of Tanks will be happy to know that a new War Stories campaign is available in the free-to-play title. Called Operation Sealion, the alternative history campaign has players fighting off a German invasion. It’s a three-part event, and players will get new trophies for completing it. Developer Wargaming also revealed the next operation, called Kennedy’s War, which deals with the Cold War, will release in October.

Check out a trailer showing off the new addition to World of Tanks below:

Here’s how Wargaming describes the two campaigns:

Operation Sealion is an alternative historical campaign that plunges tankers directly into a chaotic battlefield where British forces are facing off against a relentless German invasion. The challenging three-part series instantly launches tankers into battle, where the defending player must pilot the Cromwell Resistance tank to combat waves of powerful German vehicles, recapture enemy airfields and go head to head as rival forces attempt to overtake London.

Kennedy’s War takes an alternate look on history in the wake of the Cuban Missile Crisis as the Soviet installation of nuclear missiles near the America border sparks conflict between the two nations.  Tankers will need to diffuse the situation to determine fate of the world as the Cold War turns hot – coming to console in October.

You can find out even more about World of Tanks War Stories by checking out our preview. Here’s a snippet of what Chandler Wood had to say about the single-player mode:

World of Tanks War Stories shows strong support for Wargaming’s free-to-play title. They are consistently creating a whole new game through updates, and instead of just building on the foundations, they are raising their baseline with every new bit of content they put out. It will be interesting to see how Wargaming utilizes this new platform they’ve created, as well as what kind of new audience it attracts to a game that was previously multiplayer only.

World of Tanks War Stories is available now.