Slightly Mad Studios Is Bringing Rallycross to Project Cars 2

Project Cars 2 is looking to be significantly bigger and better than the original (read our preview here) and the developer has announced that it’s also bringing rallycross to the new title with its own set of licensed cars and track.

Rallycross combines the sideways dirt racing action of rally with the highspeed corner carving action of tarmac racing, all taking place within a closed course with 70-foot jumps, obstacles, and with other drivers in close proximity.

To make sure that rallycross in Project Cars 2 is both as accurate and realistic as possible, the developers, Slightly Mad Studios, have signed Honda Factory Global Rallycross racing stars Mitchell deJong and Oliver Eriksson as consultants.

One of the licensed cars coming to the game for rallycross in Project Cars 2 include Mitchell and Oliver’s Honda Red Bull GRC Civic Coupe while the tracks will include US-based DirtFish and Daytona, Lånkebanen in Norway, and Lydden Hill in the UK.

Project Cars 2 is scheduled for release sometime in late 2017 for the PlayStation 4 and other platforms.