“Epic” Megalithic Update Coming Later This Year to PS4 & Xbox One Versions of Trove

Officially launched last month for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Trove is set to receive the Megalithic Update later this year, and it will “bring the same game version of Trove to every Trovian around the world.” Inside the “epic” Megalithic Update, you can expect the Dino Tamer class, Jurassic Biomes, class crafting, gameplay acquired Chaos Chests, regular in-game events, faster leveling, daily login chests, mini-games, and much more.

Another big update coming this year will focus around the Shadow Tower and the creatures inside. “Without giving away too many spoilers, the Daughter of the Moon now resides on the sixth floor and reigns supreme over all the tower’s shadowy denizens. What new adversaries has she summoned to the fray? We’ll just have to wait and see,” Trion Worlds teases. Currently untitled, this update will be available after Megalithic.

Here’s a brief overview of what’s coming to Trove in 2017:

  • The ability to unlock and designate a sub-class to gain new unique abilities on your active class
  • Long awaited enhancements to clubs including club levels, member ranks, and tiered rewards
  • A massive increase to the Mastery Rank cap and the prizes earned for gaining Mastery
  • …and Plasma Fishing. Yes, you read that correctly, Plasma Fishing!

It was also revealed that Trove lead Andrew Krausnick has left Trion Worlds to work at a small game studio. He’s been replaced by Rick White.

You can download Trove for free from the PlayStation Store.

[Source: Trion Worlds]