Latest Free Expansion to Trove Releasing Later This Spring

Trion Worlds has announced today that the next free expansion for their voxel MMO Trove, Trove – Heroes, will be releasing this spring on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. and will allow players to live out their heroic fantasies by introducing a new class and a brand new cityscape to explore.

Trove – Heroes focuses on the neon-lit city of Luminopolis, a brand new high-tech, skyscraper-filled section of Neon City. Players that explore the new city will be thrust into a battle for power between the robotic Amperium and the Resistors, a group of rebellious fighters trying to bring light back into the city. Players will experience new adventures, meet new NPCs, and battle it out against brand new enemies as they play through the expansion.

Also included in Trove – Heroes is an all-new Expert Class: the Vanguardian. A class that pulls inspiration from classic silver age comic heroes, the Vanguardian utilizes up close and personal melee combat as well as effective ranged attacks to help take the battle back to the bad guys. Players will also be able to use a brand new beacon system in the expansion, allowing them to summon other heroes to help them out against large groups of enemies.

For more on the upcoming free expansion, check out a brief description below:

Trove – Heroes focuses on the neon festooned city of Luminopolis, a new high-tech skyscraper-laden section of Neon City. Luminopolis has been thrust into a battle for power between the evilly robotic Amperium and the Resistors, a rebel group fighting to bring the light back to the city. Players will partake in all new adventures, interact with new NPCs, wage battle against gigantic invading Mega World Bosses, and fight to save Luminopolis from the nefarious threat of the Amperion.

Trove is available now.