Free-To-Play Top-Down Team Shooter Games of Glory Enters Open Beta on April 25

A free-to-play top-down team shooter, Games of Glory for PlayStation 4 and PC is entering Open Beta on April 25, developer Lightbulb Crew announced today. The Open Beta will be free to access.

Offering full cross-play between PS4 and PC, Games of Glory sees you playing as the galaxy’s greatest gladiators, equipping them with weapons, and teaming up with others to compete for Galactic control and power.

At Open Beta launch, there will be 15 unique Clones of great interstellar warriors across five classes (tank, support, carry, assassin, and scount), 50+ non-character specific weapons (including shotguns, sniper rifles, pistols, flamethrowers and rocket launchers) that can be upgraded throughout a match, and these two arenas:

Two unique arenas on the planets Arkashan and Svandia serve as Games of Glory’s primary battlegrounds. Arkashan features a 4v4 battle arena where players must take control of capture points in order to lay siege to their opponent’s base. Svandia is a lightning-fast 3v3 matchup where players focus on defeating the randomized Star player on their opponents team in a race to win five rounds.

There’s also a Club feature, where you can customize each Club with unique skins and custom logos, which can be created in-game or imported.

Lightbulb Crew CEO and Founder Anders Larsson said, “With Games of Glory we have focused on developing an intense competitive arena experience where console and PC players can battle it out against each other. Games of Glory has developed into a unique and fast-paced competitive experience that shooter and MOBA players will feel right at home with from day one.”