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Report: Alien: Isolation 2 Rumors Not True

While we reported the other day that Creative Assembly might be working on a new Alien game, which people automatically assumed as Alien: Isolation 2, that’s not the case, sadly.

According to a new report from Eurogamer’s sources, Creative Assembly is not working on Alien: Isolation 2. While the studio is indeed working on its next project, it won’t be an Alien game and is still years away from being finished.

In addition to that, cross-referencing the credits for Creative Assembly’s latest game, Halo Wars 2, with that of Alien: Isolation’s, will reveal that the majority of the people who worked on Isolation are no longer at Creative Assembly — further adding to the veracity that the studio is not working on the horror sequel.

Well, there you go, folks. Of course, there is the off-chance that Creative Assembly is working on it, but can’t announce anything at this time, or SEGA has tasked a new studio to develop the sequel, or it’s really not happening (which could be the case since it didn’t sell all that well).

Once we hear anything about Alien: Isolation 2, we’ll be sure to let people know. In the meantime, go check out our Alien: Isolation review, and dream of what could be.

[Source: Eurogamer]