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Report: Alien: Isolation 2 Rumors Not True

Facehugger to your dreams!

Report: Marvel vs Capcom 4 Releasing in 2017, Marvel Roster Will Focus on the MCU

Don’t expect any X-Men.

Report: Red Dead Redemption 2 Pulled From Sony’s E3 Presser (Update – Sony Denies Rumor)

Take this with a grain of salt.

Report: God of War 4 Screenshots and Details Leak Out, Set in Norse Mythology

Tons of screenshots ready for your consumption!

Now Loading…What We Think of That Allegedly Leaked Nintendo NX Controller Design

In case you’re not keeping tabs on video game news not relatedRead the full article…

Report: Bungie Asking Destiny Players Why They Stopped Playing in Survey

“How likely are you to play Destiny again in the future?”

cyberpunk 2077 online

Report: CD Projekt RED Aiming for Late 2016 Cyberpunk 2077 Release Date

Sony and Microsoft might try to get it as an exclusive.

Report: Street Fighter V Data Files Name Post-Launch DLC Characters

Guile’s back! Woo-hoo!

Report: PS4 Firmware 3.0 to Add YouTube Streaming, Uploading Clips to Twitter and Lots More

“Now Playing,” and message tweaks added, too!

Report: PS4 Calendar App Existence Leaked by Journey PS4 Theme

Incoming with a firmware update?

Report: ZombiU Rated for PS4 and Xbox One in Taiwan, Titled as “Zombi”

Zombi4 or ZombiStation was taken?

Report: Beyond Good & Evil 2 Game Director Not Working on Title (Update)

“Nothing to talk about right now,” Ubisoft states.

Report: Sony E3 2015 Press Conference to Have a “Big Push” for Project Morpheus

“Around half” of Sony’s E3 booth said to be dedicated to the VR headset.

Report: ZombiU in Development for PS4, Xbox One

Not confirmation that it will see release, however.

Report: Mass Effect 4 Details Outed by Survey

Strike Missions, Crew, Multiplayer and more!

Report: Microsoft Near Deal to Acquire Minecraft Developer Mojang, Notch “Unlikely” to Stay if Deal Pushes Through

Notch approached Microsoft months ago, the report states.

Report: PSP Systems to Lose PSN Store Support in the Coming Days (Update)

Uh Oh!

Report: Developers Consider Ditching PC, Mobile Game Development for PS4 and Xbox One

This is good news, right?

Report: The Last of Us PS4 Bundle Spotted Online

The last PS4 bundle you’ll need?