Report: Street Fighter V Data Files Name Post-Launch DLC Characters

It’s no secret by now that Street Fighter V will have fighters available post-launch as DLC. Thankfully, all of ’em can be earned within the game without shelling out a cent

If you’re wondering who the remaining six characters are, who’ll be available post-launch as DLC, you’ll be happy to know that the fine folks at Shoryuken dug around the Street Fighter V beta files and seemingly confirmed who these six fighters are.

Bear in mind that the info here was mined from the PC SFV beta, and that means anything can happen from now to next year. Nonetheless, here are the Street Fighter V DLC characters found in the beta via uncovered audio files.

  • Alex
  • Guile
  • Ibuki
  • Balrog
  • Juri
  • Urien

In addition to that, there’s also a character named “Fan,” who just might be Street Fighter V’s final unannounced character that will be available on day one. 

Street Fighter V will be available on February 2016 for the PS4 and PC, and won’t contain any on-disc DLC.

Surprised by the list of post-launch characters? Would you rather they be new faces or are you happy that fan favorites are coming back?

[Source: Shoryuken via Eurogamer]