Report: Bungie Asking Destiny Players Why They Stopped Playing in Survey

Stopped playing Destiny after exhausting everything there is to do in The Taken King? You’re not the only one; and apparently, Bungie has noticed.

According to Reddit user “unknownRNG,” he got a survey from Bungie asking why he wasn’t logging in and playing Destiny anymore, with the answers ranging from “I don’t have anyone to play with,” to the painfully honest, “I’ve run out of things to do” and “Too much repetition or too much grinding.”

Check out a screengrab of the survey below.


We’ve reached out to Activision to check the legitimacy of the survey and whether the studio or publisher has anything official to say.

If this survey is real, which it seems to be, it could very well point to a re-focusing on Bungie’s end, which is highlighted by Bungie CEO Harold Ryan stepping down from his post without an explanation. And don’t forget, there’s a big rumor that Destiny 2 won’t even make it out in 2016 as was the studio’s original plan.

Did you get a similar survey like this one? If so, don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected] Destiny fans, are you still playing the game or have you moved on to other online experiences?

[Source: Destiny Subreddit via GamesRadar]