Report: Destiny 2 Delayed out of September 2016

Citing “people familiar with goings-on” at Bungie, Kotaku is reporting that Destiny 2 (actual name TBA) has been delayed out of its previously expected September 2016 release window, with the decision being made last week.

Elsewhere in the report, Kotaku says they spoke with people familiar with Bungie over the last few months, learning that Destiny’s future plans are always in flux. For example, the higher-ups at Bungie are apparently discussing what content will launch this year and what will be saved for Destiny 2, and whether the add-ons will be paid or free.

So far this year, we know Destiny will have a Crimson Days event beginning on February 9, with a bigger update coming after February. According to one of Kotaku’s sources, the Destiny live team was asked to create several new DLC packs in 2016 to help make up for the Destiny 2 delay.

When asked for confirmation on this story, Bungie declined to comment.

Back in October, Kotaku reported that Destiny’s story was rebooted in summer 2013, and the full-sized sequel (Destiny 2) was scheduled for 2016.

Would you be disappointed if a new Destiny didn’t come out in 2016?

[Source: Kotaku]