MediEvil 2 Remake Reportedly Releasing Soon

MediEvil 2 Remake Reportedly Releasing Soon

An “insider” who previously leaked the existence of Gravity Rush 2 PS5 remaster now claims that MediEvil 2 remake is in the works, and its release date is sooner than we think. Despite its previous denials, Other Ocean Interactive has reportedly been working on the project since 2021.

MediEvil 2 remake release date speculated to be in 2024

The leaker happens to be semi popular Discord member Orangee (thanks, TwistedVoxel), who is allegedly a playtester. We can’t comment on the authenticity of their claims or their reputation, but they did accurately leak information pertaining to the Gravity Rush movie in the past. Nevertheless, take this with a grain of salt.

According to Orangee, we will see the MediEvil 2 remake in May 2024, which has led to speculations that it’ll be shadowdropped during the rumored PlayStation Showcase. It’s entirely possible that the game will simply make an appearance but will actually release sometime later so don’t get your hopes up just yet. Orangee didn’t say what platforms the remake is targeting, but it’s safe to expect it on the PS5, if it exists.

MediEvil 2 remake was first rumored in February 2020 following cryptic tweets by the series’ composer. The following month, Other Ocean denied working on the project.