Report: PS4 Calendar App Existence Leaked by Journey PS4 Theme

If one of your most requested features for Sony’s now-gen console is a PS4 calendar app, then you might be getting your wish granted soon.

It seems the Journey dynamic theme for the PS4 has leaked the app’s existence via Sony’s own promotional images. Check out the new item to the right side of the Friends tab, which shows a calendar of some sort that’s not available now. While no official details for the PS4 calendar app is available — or if it’s actually going to be a thing — it looks like users will be able to mark specific days or events based on the number next to the icon. 

Could this be a way to keep tabs on upcoming game releases you’d be interested in? Maybe it will let you mark down scheduled gaming sessions and alert you via the PSN mobile app? We don’t know for sure at this point, but those are certainly plausible.

Would you event want a PS4 calendar app in the first place? What features would you want it to have if so?

[Source: PlayStation Store via PushSquare]