Report: PS4 Firmware 3.0 to Add YouTube Streaming, Uploading Clips to Twitter and Lots More

Still not happy with how Sony is handling the PlayStation 4’s OS? You’ll be glad to know that PS4 firmware 3.0 is currently being beta tested in Japan as we speak, and it’s adding a host of new additions that should make some gamers happy.

According to Pocket News, a select number of PS4 users are testing PS4 firmware 3.0 in Sony Japan’s beta initiative, and some of the additions include being able to stream directly to YouTube, an improved messaging system, and even a “Now Playing| feature added to the PS4 Friends section.

Here’s the full details as translated by NeoGAF member crinale:

  • “Event” menu is added that allows you to find events related to PlayStation, join them and watch them.
  • “Community” is added to “friend” menu that allows you to make new community or join existing ones.
  • “Now Playing” is added to “friend”, “community”, “message” and profile screen that allows you to display games members are currently playing. You can request to join their games or request to broadcast the game.
  • “Message” function has been improved that it displays “now playing” and allows you to start party easily. You can add groups to your favorite list.
  • You can broadcast via YouTube.
  • You can upload short (10 sec) game clips to Twitter.

In addition to that, the beta also touches on a “sub account” feature that can be created for kids, which will add parental controls and the like.

With the last PS4 firmware (2.50) launching earlier this year, Sony has since seen a massive clamor for fans for a better PSN. While this latest firmware update doesn’t solve or add in all the features people want, it’s certainly a step in the right direction.

As always with unofficial sources, take this one with a grain of salt. We’ve reached out to Sony and will update the post if and when they reply.

[Source: Pocket News via NeoGAF]

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