Sony Responds to #BetterPSN Campaign, Encourages People to Submit Ideas on Improvements

Earlier today, we let you know of the #BetterPSN campaign, which aims to improve the PlayStation Network by requesting new features that include two-step authentication, PSN name changes, the ability to appear offline, and much more.

In a statement sent to GamesBeat, Sony encouraged people to submit their ideas directly to them:

Feedback from our community is very important to us and helps guide our ongoing commitment toward making PlayStation the best place to play. We encourage users to submit ideas on ways to improve PlayStation products and services here:

We appreciate the dialogue we have with our gamers and have built and improved features based directly on their input.

On the PlayStation Blog Share website, the most popular requested features are: Ability to change User ID, PS4 compatibility with G25 steering wheel, DualShock 4 compatibility for PS Vita Remote Play, PS4 notifications for friends sign-on/offs, and PS2 Classics on PS4.

[Source: GamesBeat]