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Bethesda’s E3 2017 Invitation Seems to Be Teasing Two Game Reveals


E3 2017 invitations are already making their way to media outlets and while some of them are standard invites, there are occasionally one or two that end up teasing something. Like others, PlayStation LifeStyle recently received Bethesda’s colorful invite and having taken a close look at it, it seems that the developer might just be teasing two game reveals.

In the image below (click or open in new window to enlarge), which depicts a Bethesda theme park, you can see references to franchises such as DOOM, Fallout and Dishonored. In addition, there are two areas (top left and bottom right) that look like they’re under construction. “Coming soon, pardon our dust,” says one of them.

bethesda invite

As many are already guessing, it seems that these two areas refer to new video game reveals at the event.

Two rumors come to mind here: The Evil Within sequel and a new Wolfenstein game. What do our readers think?