Report: New Job Listing Hints at The Evil Within Sequel

Hawk-eyed fans have somehow managed to get a hold of a private Japanese job listing for a Quality Assurance/Translation professional to work on a sequel to 2014’s The Evil Within. An image of the job description was posted on NeoGAF and clearly mentions “Psycho Break 2.” In case you didn’t know and haven’t guessed already, Psycho Break is the series’ name in Japan.

Here’s a rough Google translation courtesy of NeoGAF user Dusk Golem:

Japan – UK bug report translator

Total 1 person Title PSYCHOBREAK 2

Language English Japanese

Number of people 1

Nanba station Nearest station: Tamachi *

On site work period (planned) 4/10 / Monday to 10/31 (Tue) until weekday 5 Working day, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays!

There is a possibility, but I think it is almost there.

Possibility Hours Unit price 1,400 yen (Negotiable) Time 10: 30 ~ 19: 30 Production: 8.0h Break: 1h Overtime: possibility of occurrence

Transportation expenses are separately provided DH Provided by domestic testers QA Bugs (Japanese) are bug-translated into English for overseas development staff. Job content (plan) |. Specification materials prepared by overseas development staff / Denosig usage and work instructions for Japanese DII tester. Specification grasp of touching some real machine before bug translation will occur. ·

Hardware target: PS4 / XI

Although this is just a report, it doesn’t seem like a stretch especially since Bethesda’s Pete Hines previously said that The Evil Within sold enough to warrant a sequel.

We’ll await an official word on this and keep you posted.

[Source: NeoGAF]