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Ghostwire Tokyo Was Originally Conceived as The Evil Within 3

Tango Gameworks has revealed that its upcoming timed PlayStation 5 console-exclusive Ghostwire Tokyo was originally conceived as The Evil Within 3. However, it changed direction during the course of development, prompting the studio to pursue a new IP. This tidbit of information came via GameSpot, which is one of the publications that attended the recent hands-off preview event for the game.

When will The Evil Within 3 release?

It’s unclear if Tango Gameworks, which is now a Microsoft studio following the acquisition of Bethesda, will ever work on a third installment of The Evil Within. Despite being well-received, The Evil Within 2 reportedly didn’t do as well as its predecessor, at least at retail. Released in 2017, the sequel’s physical launch sales were a quarter of the original in the UK alone, but it’s unclear if this was offset by digital sales or not. No sales data was officially made public so we have no way of knowing how well The Evil Within 2 did and whether Microsoft will be willing to greenlight another entry.

That said, Ghostwire Tokyo does share some of The Evil Within’s DNA so you have something to look forward to next month. Just don’t expect a traditional horror game.

“Ghostwire Tokyo is definitely not a horror game,” director Kenji Kimura told TheGamer. “We are trying to make a game that is spooky and mysterious and maybe the trailers made it feel like a horror thing, but it’s not. That’s not our intention, it’s definitely a spooky thing but it’s almost on the border of horror.”

Ghostwire Tokyo will release on March 25th on the PS5 and PC. Its timed exclusivity ends a year later.

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